Program Details

Study abroad in Oxford is arranged through the Office of Global Strategies at Catholic University in coordination with the Oxford Study Abroad Programme (OSAP) in Oxford, and features a variety of custom-designed individual tutorials covering topics mostly in the liberal arts and taught by prominent university scholars. Students are placed in colleges considered among the best at Oxford University.

Students can study either during the Michaelmas Term (fall semester), the Hilary Term (spring semester) or the late Trinity Term (summer), and have the option of taking a small group tutorial on C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, or British Politics, along with two individual tutorials. Students live in student housing in and around the center of Oxford. This program provides qualified undergraduate and graduate students with an opportunity to study at one of the world's most prominent and challenging schools.

  • Oxford life is treating me incredibly well... I've had incredible discussions and have learned a lot, mostly about myself and how I learn best, in my time here. .... I have made full use of the Thames Path for running up Botley, it's an absolutely gorgeous location and Suzanna and I have done a few longer runs there together. Oxford is a beautiful place to be, especially at 6 AM on the Thames when I go out for rowing! I have had so many brilliant opportunities here. A few of the girls and I also had the opportunity to go to the Union Ball a few weekends ago, and it was absolutely incredible. The culture here (in Europe, generally, but particularly the student atmosphere in Oxford) is so vibrant from all of the youth involvement... It's been nice to see that my fellow CUA comrades are also learning (as well as sometimes struggling) through tutorials, and that we're all still enjoying the city...a group of us went to see the Wickerman burn in South Park for Guy Fawkes Day! So many incredible opportunities... – Lieren, Class of 2012