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The University Honors Program recognizes Catholic University’s best and brightest students. It provides a rigorous learning environment so that our students can extend their academic reach.

By supporting the University Honors Program, you help Catholic University recruit and retain top students. Give now to invest in students who approach challenges with outstanding academic promise. Your generosity also supports vibrant study-abroad experiences, internships, research projects, and service opportunities.

Contact us about additional funding opportunities

Become a champion for the University Honors Program! Please contact Deborah Brown at 202-319-6915 or for more information if you are interested in funding one of the following strategic initiatives:

  • Honors Residential College: Currently, our honors residence hall is for freshmen only. We envision a new model that would mirror a medieval double monastery, featuring  separate dorm wings for men and women joined by a common area for classrooms, study lounges, and gathering spaces — including a chapel.
  • Endowed Research / Internship Fund: We are in search of resources to fund students who want to put their exceptional academic abilities to the ultimate test. These bright, motivated students look beyond the traditional classroom setting and seek out research and internship opportunities.
  • Cultural Excursions: Already, the Catholic University campus sits in the middle of the world’s classroom that is Washington, D.C. — the heart of politics, culture, and science. We strive to further these students’ access to the wonders of this city by supporting group travel costs, ticket purchases, and special events fees.
  • Faculty Development: The University’s schools face real costs when we ask deans and department chairs to release faculty from departmental responsibilities in order to teach honors students. We require funds to bridge the gap and engage subject-specific faculty as adjuncts.
  • Scholarship Assistance: Honors students are like “the yeast that leavens the bread” of the entire University; they set a shining example to their peers. With dedicated honors scholarships, we can benefit not only the individual scholarship recipients, but also the entire University as a whole.

Partner with us, and help the University Honors Program fund these special initiatives. Please contact Deborah Brown at 202-319-6915 or