The University Honors Program offers five integrated sequences of four courses in the classical liberal arts tradition. These sequences consist of classical liberal arts as well as contemporary topics in social and environmental studies.

Honors Course Sequences


Additional Individual Honors Courses

The Honors Program also offers courses on a semester by semester basis that are not part of the integrated sequences. These courses are offered at the discretion of the Director and may not be offered annually. In the past, these courses have included:

  • The Birth of the Public (UH)
  • The Mortal and Divine in Art and Music
  • The Classical Mind (UH)
  • The Modern Mind (UH)
  • Constitutional Democracy in Theory and Practice
  • Mathematical Topics in the Social Sciences I & II (UH)
  • Principles of Economics I & II (UH)
  • Dangerous Beauty: Venice and Its Treasures (UH)

All Honors courses require registration permission which may be obtained by contacting the Honors Program Office. Equivalencies with requirements in students' area of concentration are established on an individual basis.

Current Honors Course Listing

*(UH) denotes honors sections of courses that are offered to the entire university.